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My passion for healthy non toxic beauty products has lead me into a whole new world of make-up, & skin care. The cosmetic industry doesn’t tell us that most of those fancy products are really bad with toxic dangerous ingredients inside, that can and do affect our health. From years of being a make-up artist I actually had heavy metals build up in my bloodstream!

This part of Rock Spirit Soul is dedicated to organic beauty, a resource guide to amazing products , and my make-up artistry called Soulful Beauty, I’ll be sharing some tricks of the trade along with images of some of the gorgeous sisters here in The Hudson Valley and around the world who live an organic healthy lifestyle inside and out.

I am also offering private and group Soulful Beauty circles for women and teens. A empowering way to find our own innate beauty and rock out new colors and looks that lift your vibe and bring new energy into your world.

Request for circles or private sessions can be made here.

Photo credits

Serafina by John Huba

Jennifer by Andreas Kuehn

Checkout more of my Soulful Beauty make-up artistry at

Bring your beauty alive with spirit and soul. Click here to inquire about a circle or private session.


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