Healing Sessions


Healing Sessions


Healing Sessions are a blend of counseling and earth-based healing arts. Through drumming, chant and my flute, a sacred space is created to access your own healing and wholeness. From this point of power, you can lay down your fears that deplete your being and move into life affirming energies that nurture your soul.

These practices are all gifts and teachings given to me along my illness journey that literally saved my life and gave me a new understanding of what it takes to heal and move forward with our true destiny.

We call in your spirit guides, angels, ancestors, animal guides, and allies, to gain understanding that you do not walk alone. These sessions are like doorways to open your own personal connection with Source and live from your joy and purpose.

Healing Sessions support you in living a peaceful, inspired, and soulful life where you can live and give to others in a honest, authentic way, that nurtures all of life.

Benefits of Healing Sessions:

  • Health
  • Peace
  • Stepping out of old patterns & behaviors
  • Wisdom & clarity
  • Awaken to your soul’s truth
  • Well-being
  • Inner freedom
  • Ability to show up in your life and to be more present
  • Freedom from Addictions


These sessions are a true collaboration! It is such a gift to be in sacred time together and I deeply honor you and your process. Your willingness to break free and grow is beautiful to behold. Deep gratitude for your trust.

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