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If you or anyone you’ve ever known has Chronic Late-Stage Lyme Disease, then you know it’s a hellish ride into the unknown. It can take us into such deep despair that we can lose all hope. Like what one must feel after their house burns to the ground and cleans them out of all they had and thought they were. My life was in ashes on the ground from Lyme, and I would have to birth a new one and rise up like the Phoenix (my daughter’s name by the way).

I stand as a Lyme Activist and Warrior to help Lyme sufferers and their families navigate this rocky and often times brutal terrain.

There wasn’t much that Lyme Disease did not take from me – my marriage, career, money, and friends. And even my mind for a while! Yet through this experience, I found a way to heal from my innermost core and a transformative grace was born in me… a way to find my true power, life force, resilience and even beauty.

I am here to share this healing work with you – to support your journey and bring back the light and purpose in your life. Lyme and chronic illness cannot take everything from us and I am here to assist you in finding your light, putting back the pieces and uncovering what your soul has to say and how your spirit wants to take flight.

Lyme Support Services


I offer the following services:

  • Lyme Consultations – Discussion of available treatment options and list of Physicians (LLDMs) whom I trust
  • Spiritual Counseling for individuals, couples and families
  • Private Healing Ceremonies
  • Weekly or bi-monthly mentoring

Please note that all services are offered both in an office setting (New Paltz or NYC locations) or by phone/Skype.

To book a free 15 minute introductory session or to schedule a consultation or counseling/healing session, please use our contact form.

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