Soul Journeys


Soul Journeys


The earth is one of our most sacred teachers. Her rhythm gets into our being and can heal us to our core. Upon the land we can meet our soul in deep ways that speak to us like a new language. We gain SO much guidance from her, like the ultimate wise mother. I believe that a big part of our collective suffering is because we have lost our connection with the earth. Coming back to the earth awakens us and gives us power to live in a sacred way.

These are the places we travel within a Soul Journey. You’ll begin to receive such astonishing gifts from the earth, that connect you back into your true nature, which is LOVE!

These journey’s reveal your own healing power, to break free of habitual patterns that destroy our lives. To lay them down is one of the bravest steps we can take! It’s about a rebirth, into your new life and well-being. It’s about finding your own vision of healing, where you no longer tolerate the pain of holding onto a story that is not true and does not serve you or humanity.

Who Can Benefit from a Personal Soul Journey?


This kind of work is very supportive for (but is not limited to) the following situations/conditions:

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Divorce
  • Grief / Loss
  • Acute or Chronic Illness

How to Get Started on Your Journey


Soul Journeys are available upon request. Locations are available in the Hudson Valley and The Adirondacks of New York State. Other locations can also be discussed and arranged.

Request for a Personal Soul Journey should be made by filling out the form below. Please share with me why you are calling out for a private healing and how you feel that I can assist you.

Learn more about me and my journey healing from Lyme Disease. You can also hear what my students and clients have to say in the testimonials section.

Not sure? Call or email me for a free 15 minute consultation (by phone or in person) to discover if working together would be a right fit for you.

Request a Personal Soul Journey

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