Blue Sky did a birth blessing for my son to be when I was 8 months pregnant. My time with her during the ceremony was so intimate and she helped me to let go of many things that were weighing on my mind and psyche. Under her guidance, I was able to enter into sacred time and deal with deep seated emotions and feelings in a peaceful way. The experience had a resounding effect on me, I felt so much clearer and relaxed afterward. I am so grateful to have been able to prepare for the great journey that lay ahead at that time with feelings of openness and abundance.

Jana Blankenship

Working with Amanda in ceremony has been one of the most loving and safe experiences I have ever had. She is a beautiful soul without pretense or ego. Her work comes straight from the source. You feel bathed in love and bear witness to the sacredness of her gifts of healing. She is a remarkable listener and I would not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone seeking an authentic spirit connection.

Love, J

I knew there was a medicine woman in my future and then Blue Sky appeared. If your heart has called for a guide then you will know too. Amanda is clearly channeling the work of Spirit and gives me faith that we are all connected.

Mitakayu Oyasin

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