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Rock Spirit Soul was born from these questions, how do we uncover the gems out of life’s disasters and the beautiful messes we find ourselves in? How do we find the gifts out of a horrible illness? What’s an old wound, a deep loss, addiction, chronic anxiety/depression, a break up, etc., trying to say? Where do we find ourselves when we feel nothing but broken and in total despair?

These questions created my new life and this work that I’m super passionate about sharing with you. To support you in finding the answers that open up your soul’s truth and life force. Because there is a whole new magical life for us beyond the wreckage. And it’s those gifts that we all must find and hold the vision of if we want to really live and feel we are rocking our lives.

Hi, I’m Amanda Christan a, Spiritual Advisor, Wellness Warrior & Healer.

How I got here started long ago with my first spiritual teacher,
My grandmother Zula. She was a real deal healer, and I was her little assistant. Driving around those Georgia roads in her 1970 Plymouth Duster we went door to door selling AVON, I’d pick out blush and pretty lipstick colors, while she lay her hands on people and went into deep affirmative intentions and prayer. Everyone seemed lifted and charged up after their time with her. I think those were the moments that I knew we could ask for help from the universe and it would respond. I wanted to know what she was plugged into to access such beauty, power and grace. To this day that curiosity has never left me.

Fast forward to the 90’s and I took those early spirit and AVON days to NYC and became a celebrity make-up artist riding on private jets with Natalie Portman and painting the lips of Angelina Jolie. It was the ride of my life and for a southern girl a total dream come true.

Yet during most of my rock star make-up days I was very sick, and no doc could figure out what was wrong with me. There I was shooting the cover of Rolling Stone with Fiona Apple and feeling like I got hit by a truck. Slowly but surely the mysterious illness would take me down and the show was off the road. Undiagnosed Lyme Disease had a new direction for me. A direction I would have no choice but to follow. The dark night of the soul fell upon me, and year after year it seemed it would never lift.

Between fighting it and surrender, I started to listen to the voice of the illness. I started digging real deep, studying with Native Elders, yogi’s, spiritual masters and teachers, many hours in sacred ceremony, and embarking upon two years of Interfaith Seminary.

Despite the ass kicking ride, I’m grateful for all that illness has taught me, and especially because it led me here to share these teachings with you! Because I know your spirit is strong and your soul is beautiful. It’s our birthright to live healthy, free and happy lives. To awaken to our soul’s truth is our ultimate freedom.

So welcome to Rock Spirit Soul. A space to face our pain, be totally honest with it and open our hearts anyway..

Let’s live, love and heal!


Much love,
Amanda Christan
Amanda Christan Rock Spirit Soul

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